Frank Jackson, the editor for the Earthscan Expert Series on renewable energy / energy efficiency, is looking for a possible author(s) for new titles.

Some of the themes that are currently being considered are the following (open to suggestions):

·       Heat pumps

·       Geo-thermal

·       Wind energy (large and small)

·       Hydro power (small)

·       Solar desalination of water

·       Smart grids

·       Green hydrogen

·       Green roofs

·       E-Fuels

·       Energy storage systems (all technologies), but also books focused on batteries, compressed air energy storage, thermal storage, pumped-storage, gravity storage, fly wheels

·       Cradle to cradle (closed loop economy)

·       Mining – best environmental practice

The books generally have a wordcount of 40,000 plus, and are richly illustrated (full colour), and have an international focus/readership.

If anyone interested in authoring any of these books, he would be happy to hear from them. His email is

The series is published by Routledge.

The books published so far can be viewed here:

where there is also a facility to look inside the books and see what they are like.

They are published in hardback edition (full colour), paperback, and ebooks.

Ebook editions are also available at: