planet-earthWe only have one planet, but the average citizen of a developed or fast-developing country has an ‘ecological footprint’ so large that if everyone on the planet lived that way we’d need at least three planets to support them.

In other words we are using up more resources than can be replaced, and creating more pollution than the planet can absorb. We have a planetary emergency.

But there are many proven solutions, which we offer – options and strategies for households, businesses, corporates, communities and cities to adopt that will lead them to strongly reduce their ecological footprint.

Our ecological footprint per person

The target is 1.6 global hectares per person – equivalent to one planet Earth.

The difference between our solutions and other systems for ‘sustainable living’ is that actions must be measurable and verifiable and miss nothing out: otherwise it’s like trying to bale out a sinking boat with a colander.

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