We offer courses to organisations and venues of any length from a single day’s workshop to a weekend, week, or part-time year depending on the amount of depth required.

  • You’ll be guided through an overview of the necessary stages in writing a ‘One Planet’ Development (OPD) management plan, which is crucial for the planning application.
  • We’ll discuss how to find and evaluate suitable land, the planning process, regenerative land management, zero carbon building, renewable energy, food provision, water provision, ecological sanitation, community relations and Welsh culture, business management and marketing, and low carbon transport, with examples from existing OPDs in Wales.
  • We’ll visit an OPD and see what they’re up to (they’ve been on site for 3 years).
  • We will also discuss the possibilities for intentional ‘one planet’ villages with affordable homes, sustainable employment and training opportunities, guided by a new community land trust we’ve set up.

A key course book will be David Thorpe’s The One Planet Life: A Blueprint for Low Impact Development.

Weekend workshops are currently on hold

This is pending the Covid-19 crisis. However we are planning one in Newtown, mid-Wales, in June at the moment. Get in touch for more information. We’re also offering online training:

Online training

We are now offering online workshops for individuals and groups, conducted by Skype and email. There are 7 units:

1. The context, and introduction to the management plan
2. Land-based business ideas
3. Zero carbon building
4. Renewable energy
5. Water and waste
6. Transport
7. Land evaluation.

In between each there is a simple and enjoyable exercise to help you visualise and develop your plans.  Once you’ve done it I feed back to you with a 15 minute Skype or Zoom chat and you get the next module, and so on. There is final online chat.

These cost £80 for one person, £45 each for two; £35 each for three; £25 each for four. If you can’t afford it, discounts are available. Get in touch for more information.

To sign up, please transfer the appropriate amount by BACS (Bank transfer) to: Sort code: 09 01 56 A/c no. 24876489. Bank: Santander. In the reference field please put: OPDOC and email to inform us.