We offer consultancy, tools and training to assist individuals and organisations in becoming measurably more sustainable… making a real difference.

People thinking outside

A comprehensive ‘one planet’ approach is intended to reduce the impact of your way of life to the level that the planet can provide, and reintroduce more, and more varied, nature into your environment.

Optimise your decisions

Any public or private body or individual can use the approach to holistically optimise all its strategic, spending and planning decisions in order to reduce its ecological and carbon footprint to a measurably sustainable level. This approach captures many benefits not reached by a piecemeal one.

  • Optimising your spending decisions affects supply chains by creating a market for the kind of supplier in the economy that embraces social well-being concerns, zero carbon, non-polluting and ‘closed loop’ production and consumption (where nothing is wasted, as in nature). It often means more local production and supply, an end to waste, more jobs, greater prosperity and improved health. There is everything to gain.
  • Optimising design decisions affects the footprint and well-being of your clients and customers.
  • Optimising your own impacts can improve your efficiency and the sustainability, health and well-being of your employees and your estate (buildings and land).

We train individuals and community groups too, in reducing their ecological footprint and in applying for planning permission to undertake a One Planet Development in Wales or elsewhere.

Be sure you’re effective

A key point in all cases is measurability, to verify that your efforts are worthwhile and achieving their goals.

We can design for you a strategy and programme that sets targets, performance indicators and evaluation points over time to reduce your ecological footprint in a way that’s appropriate to your particular circumstances.

It would be accompanied by capacity building (training), and monitoring and modeling tools to optimise spending decisions, check progress and encourage behaviour change that sticks.

The result will be that you will save money and resources, cut pollution, and improve the presence of nature, personal health and well-being.

Areas we work within include:

  • One Planet Governance and Management
  • One Planet Life
  • Passive Solar Architecture and Passivhaus design
  • Renewable Energy and Technology
  • Energy Management in Buildings or Industry
  • Sustainable Home Refurbishment
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Land Management, incl. community supported agriculture
  • Organic growing
  • Water supply, management and ecological sewage treatment.

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