The Centre for ‘One Planet’ Living

The Centre consists of practitioners and researchers. We are based in South Wales, UK.

David Thorpe launchin The On Planet Cities book at the University of Wales

The founder/director is David Thorpe, lecturer in ‘One Planet’ Governance, patron/founder of The One Planet Council and author of many books on regeneration including:

  • The One Planet Life – a manual for low impact living by individuals, families and communities.
  • One Planet Cities – a compendium of solutions for towns and cities, and a suggested roadmap for transitioning to ‘one planet’ status.

Listen to a BBC podcast explaining something of what we do.

We work in partnership with many organisations, including:

  • The Global Footprint Network
  • 4The Region
  • The One Planet Council
  • University of Wales Trinity St Davids
  • Calon Cymru Network
  • Cynefin Community Land Trust
  • Swansea Environment Forum
  • Gower Power
  • Awel Aman Tawe.

We offer consultancy, workshops, training, and evidence / research on all aspects of reducing an ecological footprint:

  • ‘one planet’ cities;
  • ecological footprinting methodology;
  • zero or negative carbon buildings and renovation;
  • zero carbon travel;
  • food production and supply, including urban farming;
  • land and soil management;
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • water provision and ecological treatment;
  • closed loop resource use.

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