How to live as if we only had One Planet

We help organisations of all sizes reduce their ecological footprint with straightforward and proven solutions and methodologies, training and capacity building. We integrate our work with the Well-being and Sustainable Development Goals, to help Wales and beyond become healthier and more equal – within the limits of what the planet can provide.

  1. With a framework for how any region can, over time, transition to a level of resource use and repair of nature that protects standards of living and the environment at the same time.
  2. With training and information for groups and individuals who want to live the ‘one planet’ life as defined under the Welsh ‘One Planet’ Development planning system.

This response to the Climate and Extinction Emergencies can be adopted by anyone or any body. Right now the world is definitely not living sustainably and heading for disaster.

  • Nations, organisations, companies, cities and towns – can use our tools and training to help them become genuinely sustainable. These examine the impacts of all spending and planning decisions and reduce their ecological footprint. This affects their supply chains, embracing ‘closed loop’ production and consumption, and the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Simultaneously they work to increase the amount and variety of nature around them.
  • Individuals and families can do the same at a smaller scale.

On this website you will find details of publications, services, courses, news, to assist this process, and of what The One Planet Centre can offer.


Our work builds principally on two manuals, published by Routledge, written by founder-director David Thorpe, for living within the planet’s means:

  • The One Planet Life – a manual for low impact living by individuals, families and communities.
  • One Planet Cities – a compendium of solutions for towns and cities, and a suggested roadmap for transitioning to ‘one planet’ status.

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