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The 23 One Planet Developments in Wales


By Stefan Cartwright.

There have been 23 planning applications that have been passed under Wales’ ‘One Planet’ Development Policy since its inception in 2010.

As of 22 November 2016 there were ten approved applications, comprising thirteen individual OPDs.

In addition there are nine ‘One Planet’ plots at the Lammas Eco Village in Glandwr, plus John Hargrave’s Green Apple in Cosheston, Pembrokeshire. Both of these were granted planning permission under Pembrokeshire’s earlier, groundbreaking ‘low impact’ Policy 52, which is actually harder to satisfy than the Welsh government’s subsequent policy guidelines, TAN 6, which defines One Planet Development in the open countryside in Wales.

This makes a total of twenty three individual One Planet Development smallholdings. Here they are, with links to their five year management plans, as submitted in order to win planning permission.

  • Bryn yr Blodau: Samara Hawthorn’s application was at first refused at local level, and then issued with an enforcement notice by the Council. She appealed against the enforcement notice and won on the grounds that the original application should have been approved. Appeal reference 3142514. Decision date 18.11.2016  Management Plan
  • Hafan Y Coed: Keith and Sam Burgess’s prospective application for a One Planet Development eco-smallholding in Glandwr, Pembrokeshire. Their project centers around agro-forestry practices. Approved within only 3 months from time of submission by Local Panning Authority, August 2016. Management Plan
  • Golwg y Gwenyn: The Watkinson family’s prospective application in Newport, Pembrokeshire is the first OPD to be granted full panning permission within a Welsh National Park. Recommended for approval by the LPA case officer and then going through by a narrow margin of 8 votes to 7 during the committee meeting in July 2016. Management Plan
  • Rhiw Las: is a group of four low-impact smallholdings located between Llanboidy and Whitland in Carmarthenshire. Approved by the local planning officer, subsequently refused by the local committee and finally approved on appeal by planning inspector Alwyn B Nixon in June 2016. Further details on their case.  Management Plan
  • Land formerly known as Hebron Farm: Salena Walker and Christopher Richard’s prospective application for a low-impact development in Hebron, Carmarthenshire. Approved by Local Panning Authority in January 2016.Management PlanPwll Broga
  • Pwll Broga: Megan Williams and Charlie Hague’s retrospective planning application for their ‘hobbit house’ in north Pembrokeshire. Approved by planning inspector Kay Sheffield in July 2015. Pwll Broga Management Plan
  • Gardd y Gafel : Jacqui Banks and Tom Clare’s prospective application for a One Planet Development eco-smallholding in Glandwr, Pembrokeshire. Their project centers around agro-forestry practices. Approved by local authority committee February 2015. Gardd-Y-Gafel OPD Management Plan
  • Parc y Dwr : The Smith family’s prospective application for a low-impact development adjacent to Glandwr, Pembrokeshire. Approved unanimously by committee November 2014. Parc y Dwr Managment Plan
  • Nant y Cwm farm: The Moody family’s retrospective application in Caerphilly for one livestock-based smallholding. Approved by the local planning authority in April 2014. Nant y Cwm OPD Management Plan
  • Tir Sisial: A prospective application for 5 year temporary permission for a woodland-based holding in Ceredigion, Approved at a local level in November 2011. Tir Sisial OPD Management Plan.

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