We need a clear vision (which we lack) of how to manage communities and cities on a planet that is forced to live within its means in order to survive. These communities must prove they are genuinely smart and sustainable by measurement and verification methods – calculating their ecological footprint, in all their supply chains, especially food, and embracing closed loop systems.

The One Planet Living Foundation builds on the manual for living within the planet’s means: The One Planet Life. Here you will find details of the book, courses about One Planet Living, news, and details of what its author and his team can offer.

The team consists of architects, practitioners and researchers. We offer consultancy, workshops, training, and evidence / research on all aspects of reducing an ecological footprint:

  • sustainable cities;
  • ecological footprinting methodology;
  • zero or negative carbon building and renovation
  • zero carbon travel;
  • food production and supply, including urban farming;
  • land and soil management;
  • renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • water provision and ecological treatment;
  • closed loop resource use.

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