As we look to 2021, let’s celebrate what we’ve learnt during the pandemic and vow to build on it:

  • We’re certain of the vital importance of nature to our very survival.
  • We’ve seen countless acts of selflessness and learnt the value of community.
  • We know how crucial being in nature is.
  • We’ve seen how destructive many human activities are – even if uninentionally so.
  • We’re convinced of the value of science and the ability of governments to act fast on its advice when they have to.

Now let’s make 2021 the year we all implement this learning!

Will you pledge to:
Reach out and connect to others and strengthen those bonds of co-operation to heal divisions.
‘Plant back better’ to help plant trees, grow more varieties, & improve biodiversity.
‘Build back better’ by considering all the cradle-to-grave impacts – good and bad – of your choices before you act on them.
Tell your MP, Senedd Member if in Wales, and local councillors that you want action not words of this kind from them too – ASAP.

Inform them that if everyone in the world lived the way on average we do in the UK we’d need two more planet Earths to support us. This is why we have climate and extinction emergencies.

We’re living off our children’s future. This must change.

What the One Planet Centre CIC will do in 2021 to help:

We have big plans!

  • We’ll continue to deliver training in One Planet Development, beginning with a weekend workshop in January (if permitted).
  • We are developing a One Planet Standard for organisations, towns, companies and regions. It will be free to use, but people would pay to be independently accredited or receive training.
  • In Swansea we hope to continue to work with the council’s local action group to implement their one planet strategy for rural Swansea, and with the Environment Forum and LocalEyes to supply solutions to the ecological crisis.
  • In Newtown we are just beginning work with Open Newtown on applying these approaches to the town and surrounding hinterlands.
  • We will be advising on the next generation of a public procurement tool for Welsh bodies that lets them capture ecological value as much as social value from public contracts.
  • We will start work with Natural Resources Wales to adapt their data so it reflects planetary boundaries.
  • And I expect to be writing a new book, The One Planeteers, about the wonderful and inspiring pioneers of One Planet Development!

Get involved!

If you want to get involved in any way at all – on research, admin, fundraising or social media marketing for example – do get in touch!

If you want to donate to support our work, click here. That would be most welcome.

I wish you all the best in the coming year.

Warm regards,

David Thorpe
Director, The One Planet Centre Community Interest Company