Today, July 29, is the date in 2019 on which humanity’s consumption of natural resources exceeds the planet’s ability to provide it.

Earth Overshoot Day is calculated by our partners the Global Footprint Network as if, at the beginning of every year, the slate were wiped clean and we were starting from scratch.

The Ecological Footprint of countries

The Ecological Footprint of countries


Each country has its own Overshoot Day: Qatar as one of the earliest, in February, while Vietnam has one of the latest, in December.

We would need 1.7 planet Earths to provide everything we are currently using and absorb the impacts about pollution and carbon emissions.

This is why we have a climate emergency an extinction crisis.

To solve this problem is why I wrote ‘One Planet’ Cities. It is why I founded the Centre for One Planet Living. It is why this website exists.

I care passionately about saving the planet, and about helping people live a truly sustainable, healthy, happy life.

Governments local and national could benefit by adopting the framework suggested on this website; Swansea in Wales is currently on course to be the first to do this.

It’s about reducing the impact of consumption by sourcing as much as possible from a nearby as possible and switching to closed loop means of production.

It’s about capturing the potential social and environmental benefits of every spending decision as well as the economic ones.

And for households, communities and individuals we run workshops and training in One Planet Development.

And I am starting to teach the world’s first Post-Graduate Certificate in ‘One Planet’ Governance this October.

Join us in building a positive future to inspire everyone with, and turn fear for our future into hope.