• Are you disenchanted with your way of life?
  • Perhaps you want a safe and relatively affordable place to bring up children?
  • Do you want to be healthier and happier?
  • Do you want to live closer to nature?
  • Perhaps you just want to help benefit the environment and do your bit to tackle climate change.

Whatever your reason, the one planet life beckons to you as a way of enriching your enjoyment of every day and finding fulfilment in simple actions.

The one planet life is not about sacrifice but enhancement. Based on our experience, the chances are that you can find pleasure in living in a home that emits no pollution – or even that you helped to build yourself; in generating your own energy or purchasing renewable energy; and in eating food that you have grown or which is fresh and local.

It’s likely that you’ll make friends and feel that you belong in a community. Community cohesion and the reduction of inequalities are key aspects of one planet living.

An improved diet gives you a greater chance of being healthier, and the evidence shows that most people feel greater happiness from observing and interacting with nature more closely. The inclusion of nature around human habitation and workplaces helps biodiversity and resilience.

A basic principle of one planet living is to work with nature, not against it.